The Fussy Librarian

Have you ever wished that personalized book recommendations could be made, that your search for your next great read was easier and didn’t involve you perusing through hundreds upon hundreds of books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the like?  As not just a writer but an avid reader, I must say that The Fussy Librarian has definitely become an asset for me personally as well as for a few friends over the last few months.

All it takes is an email, a few seconds to select your preferences and you get daily emails where you can peruse, purchase or dismiss your personalized e-book recommendations!  You choose from 32 genres and indicate preferences about content and then the computers work their magic.  It’s pretty cool and I’ve found some pretty great reads at pretty great prices by using it too!

With that said, Once Written, Twice Shy is being featured on Sunday, November 10th, at TFL.  Check out The Fussy Librarian here!

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