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For today’s first stop in Once Written, Twice Shy‘s last of it’s 10-day virtual tour stent, I was blessed with another 5-star review.  Let me share this reader’s thoughts with you.

A story about a newly met couple, and their adventures during their first months of being together.
A wonderfully written story which is an easy read, needing no brain power to keep up with the story, perfect for bedtime reading (in more ways then one). The book has been well edited, with no mistakes that I picked up on, something which often really bugs me. The description is fantastic, great for someone like myself with a lack of imagination, yet isn’t overbearing like some stories where it goes on and on about pointless scenery.

The story itself is fun and sexy, with multiple erotic scenes to get you in the mood (hence the bedtime quirk) with the added interest of being in the viewpoint of the male! Something I’ve not come across before, which is great, as lets face it, men are still a bit of a mystery. The story develops nicely, and is actually realistic for once, which for me is more enjoyable, as I’ve always had an interest in the psychology of people, and seeing how an author believes a character would react to a situation is very interesting, and I like a book in which there has been research done. The other characters are great, adding to the realism with the pain in the bum ex and the joyous child whose used as a weapon. However the true value of life is soon realized, adding a hint of adventure to the story, along with a moral. Angellita75

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Haven’t checked it out or read it yet? Here’s a quick synopsis.

Once Written Twice Shy
After a bitter marriage, Paxton seeks respite from his loss.  Rediscovering his writing, he never expected creating a piece worthy of reading nor for two unsuspecting paths to cross in the most unconventional of ways.

Thousands of miles separated them, yet he’d never felt closer to anyone.  Finding out that happiness and love was attainable again, was one thing.  Having Alissa, was another.

When the two meet, sparks fly, chemistry is beyond explosive, and emotions reach a boiling point.  Their brief love affair ignited the fuse but what Paxton neglected to anticipate was that his son would fall for the sweet, meek demurred woman in Alissa or the fact the woman would be their salvation…in more ways than one.

Written to make you laugh, cry, swoon, and heat things up, Once Written, Twice Shy is the first book in The Broken Men Chronicles series.

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