What’s a Little Driver Distraction for Anticipation’s Sake? – #SexySnippets

Hey ladies! Ever wondered how to make a drive home from a date more interesting? Well Alissa sure as hell knows how to crank things up a degree or thirty! Check out this week’s Sexy Snippets for The Nuthouse Scribblers from Once Written, Twice Shy.

Once Written Twice Shy

The devil woman had her hand under the skirt of her dress and was pleasuring herself.

“Baby,” I gulped, “you’re killing me here.”

“Mmm,” she said and when I turned to her at the next set of lights, she was watching me. She smirked and took her glistening fingers and put them to her mouth to suck on one of them.

“God help me,” I said and bounced my head against the headrest to my seat before looking at her again.

She brought her hand up to my mouth and I grabbed her wrist with one hand and held her gaze as I tantalized her two coated fingers with my teeth and tongue like a rabid dog.

“Just so you know, you’ll have to hold off a bit longer once we get home,” she said and threw in a wicked smile.

“Fuck me.” I groaned.

“That’s the plan, baby.”

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