Since this is my first blog hop with My Sexy Saturday, it’s only fair to start off with sharing some from the first book of my latest series.  Here’s a snippet from Once Written, Twice Shy!
With Paxton and Alissa having overcome their first misunderstanding, it’s no surprise that partial nudity and a little taunting is bound to heat things up!

Once Written Twice Shy
Her mouth collided with mine and my hands fell to release the catch on her bra.  The feel of her bare ample chest against mine made my shaft pulse with more need than earlier.  She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and I turned us toward the bed.  I tried to be gentle as I laid her down beneath me but having a woman hang on to you like a spider monkey can cause a shift in a guy’s balance.  To continue in the day’s awkward fashion, we tumbled and I landed over her with a grunt as our sexes crushed together over our underwear while Alissa giggled at the turn of events.

I snapped the elastic to her underwear and her laughter ceased.  “These have got to come off,” I said.  My fingers slid to the sides of her hips and began tugging at the undergarment.

I kissed downward, vowing that I’d return to her breasts after paying my respects to the rest of that beautiful body of hers.  The closer I got to her core, the more I smelled her arousal.  It made me want to hurry things along.

When my boxer briefs were off, I towered over her on my knees taking in the sights.  Her hips were wide, waist narrow.  Built like the finest sports car—those curves of hers could make any grown man obsessive about running their hands all over them.  Her womanhood, well, let’s just say that I could see myself spending all night in that haven.  Shaved, smooth as a baby’s bottom and its juices were begging me to take her in my mouth and ravage her until she screamed out my name—repeatedly!

Our eyes met when I brought my face to hers.  “You’re beautiful.”  I smiled at her blush, kissed her nose and went to work.

From her lips, I trailed kisses, licks and bites along with letting my hands and fingers do some of the talking down her torso.  Her breathing picked up, her body wriggled as she attempted to bury her butt into the mattress.

She was at my mercy.

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