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Tis the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the cover reveal for Play Me to Infinity, Book 3 in The Broken Men Chronicles’ series – is here! Watch for it to drop live on March 29, 2016!

Play Me Full


It’s all about misconceptions…

Burned by his ex-fiancée, Mike Withers traded in his dream of a family and home of his own, complete with the white picket fence, and submersed himself in work. And entertaining the occasional lady.

So, when he relocated to Jacksonville to take over as CEO of Withers International, and be closer to his sister’s family, he never imagined he’d find himself at a crossroads.

Once a player, always a player, right? Wrong! At least, that’s what Mike now has to prove to Nicole Baxter…

Combine Nikki’s games with a problematic mélange of exes, and Mike quickly realizes he’s heading down one of two roads – heartache, or the life he thought he had given up. Ultimately, the choice is his to make.

Maybe his ex wasn’t the one? Maybe he’d given up too soon? And maybe happiness lay in the form of a feisty, argumentative, tiny package in a tight skirt – with the ability to turn any argument into foreplay?

What people are saying about Mike’s journey…

“Her low key yet intricately crafted descriptions invite her readers in.”

“Decevito is quickly becoming an author who will stand out in a crowd. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this sinfully sweet story to anyone.”

“Play Me to Infinity is another great love story. I highly recommend the series as the writing is smooth, the story-line engrossing, and the characters are ones you want to get to know. Its a quick read and one that will leave you smiling.”

“I can read this story over and over again. This story was certainly not boring! I would compare it to an erotica romantic suspense. A little bit for everybody!”



What else is there?

It may only be live as of March 29, but why not pre-order your own ebook copy at $0.99. Available for Kindle now!

As time inches toward Release Day – too slow for some of you I’m sure – stay tuned for more information about more pre-order links, contests, give-aways, and more about this series!

2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!!!

  1. Nichole Hart

    Hey lady. Long time no talk. Did you change the stories? I’m behind on the series I think. I know I read this one before . I need to go see what you’ve been up to since what I read last. I love this cover. Omg so awesome. You let me know if you’ve got anything “trigger” free for me coming up. Remember my crazy safety issues right?lol No other women after they meet and I actually try to avoid other women scenes before they meet. Hope you are doing good.

    Nichole Sizzling Pages On Feb 13, 2016 8:17 AM, “CAREY DECEVITO” wrote:

    > careydecevito posted: “Tis the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the > cover reveal for Play Me to Infinity, Book 3 in The Broken Men Chronicles’ > series – is here! Watch for it to drop live on March 29, 2016! Blurb It’s > all about misconceptions… Burned by his ex-fiancée, M” >

    1. Hey you! The series underwent an entire overhaul and re-launch along with some rebranding as you can tell by the covers. Lucky for you, I don’t do the “other women” after meeting. 😉 I’m doing well, how’ve you been?

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