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It isn’t every day that an author gets to take an old manuscript out of hiding, rework it, then release it for the masses. It’s even rarer when said manuscript isn’t what her readers are used to seeing from her.

Maintaining my signature romance flare, I dabbled in the PNR realm. You won’t find any vamps or weres here though! So jump into the world of the Fae, where witches and oracles divulge an age-old prophecy.

Will good or evil prevail?

You’ll just have to read Essence Derived, the first in the Essence Extracted trilogy to find out!

Many things in this world cannot be explained: the birth of the cosmos for example—does a higher power really exist—or what about magical and mythical creatures of the paranormal?
Payton knows this better than anyone, even though she could probably give a few of those answers.

When this empath’s world shifts on its axis, she discovers life as she knows it is much more convoluted—it’s a dark and dangerous place. One filled with things that go bump in the night, causing death and chaos, which may mean the end of her kind.

Despite the numerous warnings from her parents, she never once believed them about the dangers lurking about, until one brutal night when they were taken from her before her very eyes.

She sees her gifts as a curse—ones that would ultimately lead to her demise—but when a mere stranger interrupts her life by knocking her feet out from under her, Payton soon discovers she has a purpose to serve.

A mission: one a lot more complex than she could ever imagine.

But could she do it matched?

And what the hell did that even mean?

What’s next with the Essence Extracted series?

I hope your ready for a quick release schedule for this one. Keep the following dates in mind when you’re looking for what to read next:

  • Essence Surfaced (Essence Extracted, #2) – Releases September 25
  • Essence Redeemed (Essence Extracted, #3) – Releases October 30

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Essence Extracted
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