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It’s official… After years of having so many readers request to Carey that a signed paperback form be available on this site, we’ve finally listened! Just fill it up and your information will be sent over the Internet Super Highway straight to our inbox. Make sure to visit the site’s Signed Paperback tab on a regular basis; new releases will be added as they become available.


The Carey Decevito Team

There's just something about having a signed copy of a paperback by one of your favorite authors. This form is open to everyone who wishes to get something personalized from yours truly, whether it be a gift for a birthday, holidays...or simply something special for yourself, coworker or loved one. Make sure to keep an eye out for new additions as time moves on too!
***Shipping charges are dependant on geography and quantity and therefore cannot be predicted.
***Enter "blank" if you simply want the book signed to no one in particular.
***Please note that this information will not be shared or used other than to fulfill this order.

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