Essence Extracted Trilogy

The fate of all Fae rests on her shoulders…

After her parents were murdered, Payton comes into more than just her powers. With her new abilities comes a secret that shifts her world on its axis.

After a centennial of warring between the light and dark of her kind, the prophesied Royal that would ultimately restore balance to the Fae world was born. As Payton is met by a vengeful lover, having to keep secrets to avoid exposure, a new love interest and hunters out to put an end to the Monarchy—the one she’s destined to rule—a decision is made. Will she choose the one that could lead them all to certain death or opt for the one that means the death of her independence?

Essence Extracted is Carey’s first series with a paranormal twist. You can definitely count on her signature thriller/suspense angles and those hot and spicy moments to be part of the fun!

Essence Extracted Trilogy

Essence Derived – Book One
Essence Surfaced – Book Two
Essence Redeemed – Book Three