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After his wife leaves him, Paxton rediscovers his love of writing amidst an online writing forum–but he never expected to create a piece worthy of reading, nor for him to find a kindred spirit in Alissa.

Thousands of miles separate them, yet he’s never felt closer to anyone.

When the two meet in person, sparks fly and the line between friendship and something more serious becomes blurred. Paxton finds himself at a crossroads, between following his heart and everything that seems to threaten to bring his potential relationship with Alissa to a screeching halt.

Can he get past his meddling ex-wife, who threatens to take his four-year-old son away, and overcome the geographical distance with the meek, demure woman who has become his salvation in ways no one saw coming?

Written to make you laugh, cry, swoon, and heat things up, Once Written, Twice Shy is the first book in The Broken Men Chronicles series.

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