The Broken Men Chronicles Series

It all started with one book and from there, an entire series was born!

All interconnected, yet vastly different, the men of The Broken Men Chronicles (BMC) each have a unique story to tell. From a divorcé, to a widower, a retired militant, even the age-old lost love scenario, and childhood nemeses, these men are scarred in some way yet they persevere, seeking one thing: to come out on top.

Each written in a man’s point of view, you won’t be disappointed with the twists in these stories, let alone how Carey Decevito delves into the male psyche!

Once Written, Twice Shy – Book One
Almost Forgotten – Book Two
Play Me to Infinity – Book Three
To Forgive & Hold Safe – Book Four
A Heart’s War – Book Five

Once Written Twice Shy  Almost Forgotten  Play Me  To Forgive  Hearts War

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